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More Motorclassica 2017 !
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Great cars, great weather and a great event. Motorclassica certainly lived up to its name and reputation this year with a stunning assortment of some of Australia’s best vehicles on display; both inside and outside of that beautiful Melbourne landmark, the Exhibition buildings. All the big names were there including Ferrari, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, GT40, Mclaren and of course, the legendary Cobra. Our club was well represented with six Cobra’s, one Shelby Daytona and a GT40. Many thanks from those of us present certainly goes to Bernie Knight for making it happen. His next challenge, should he choose to accept, is to make it happen again next year. Robert.

Motorclassica 2017
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It was 7am on Saturday the 14th of October and eight very tired Cobra, GT40 and Daytona owners descend on the McDonalds Restaurant in Collingwood. It's hard to be bright and awake at this time of day, but a hot coffee and the sound of big v8 engines and side pipes certainly woke everyone up.

We had secured a spot at the Motorclassic at the iconic Exhibition Buildings, a premier Melbourne event showcasing vintage, classic and the exotic - not to mention the most valuable vehicles all in one location.

Our display site on the northern plaza of the Exhibition building saw the Victorian Cobra Club displaying alongside Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini and numerous other Marques and clubs.

Motorclassic certainly brought out the enthusiasts and Melbourne is renowned for its mix of gourmet food trucks and the finest meals on wheels were there plying their food options. With celebrity chef George Calombaris, Jimmy Grants, Sliders on Tyres, Twisted Fisherman, Custom Brew and Nuoc Muma to name a few options.

Motorclassic also brings the very best in motor services to one location and the upper level of the Exhibition buildings was there for those that enjoy the motoring lifestyle. With everything from memorabilia, art, parts to newly constructed bodies.

After wandering around the trade area we were left to make some tough decisions on the purchase of a new Lamborghini, a Ferrari or a Rolls but the interest in our cars convinced me we had the best option. Every little kid and big kid wanted a photo with the Club cars.

Good food, great people and even better cars made Motorclassic a fun day for us all and I'm sure this event will be on our calendar next year.

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