Cobra Car Club of Victoria

Contact Us

Craig Evans
M: 0408-867-006
president @

Vice President
Andrew Rodda
M: 0418-381-247
vicepresident @

Gregg Sultana
M: 0419-812-389
treasurer @

Membership Manager
Theo Miritis
M: 0417-846-159
membership @

Club Permit Manager
Michael Barber
M: 0423-922-073
clubpermit @

Competition Coordinator
Tony Welsh
M: 0411-516-539
competition @

Social Committee Coordinators
Guy Elliott, Cameron Horder
M: 0401-223-451, 0418-687-726
social @

Ben Holko
M: 0412-484-456
webmaster @

The CCCV is an affiliated sporting car club with CAMS, see
CAMS documentation here