Cobra Car Club of Victoria


Q: What is this Cobra thing?

A: The mighty Shelby AC427 Cobra is a classic sports and racing car from the 1960's. More can be read on this fine example of an automobile at the following link:

Q: I have a keen interest in Cobras, why should I join your club?

A: Primarily because you will get to talk to many other like-minded people who are passionate about this classic car! Membership is affordable and other membership benefits are explained here.

Q: I want to build/buy a Cobra, who can I ask for information?

A: You can join the club and come along to a club meeting (see calendar for details). You can also check out the Forums where most Cobra owners hangout and post information, there is an Australian sub-forum located here:

Q: How many members are in your club?

A: Approximately 130

Q: Do I need to own a Cobra to join your club?

A: No! Many of our members have been long term members with no Cobra before eventually buying or building a Cobra. For most people their Cobra is a long (lifelong!) interest, and many join the club before embarking on a build or buy, as the club is the best source of information.

Q: Who are the kit manufacturers in Australia and which one should I use?

A: In Australia there are a few (more than 5) companies manufacturing chassis/body kits and also supplying turn-key cars if that is what you are after. All the kits have their pros and cons, and if you ask 5 different people then you will most likely get 5 different answers as to which one is best!

The best way to choose a kit is to use a combination of talking to MANY people in the club, observe people's findings at the Australian sub-forum at ClubCobra ( and also visit the manufacturers so you can see their facilities and discuss your needs with them so that you get a good fit with your chosen manufacturer, as it is likely that you will be dealing with them long-term for supply of parts required during the build and questions that you will have during the build process. Good luck!

We have attempted to compile a list of Cobra specific manufacturers, it is located here. There may be others, but we feel this is a fairly comprehensive list.

Q: How much does it cost to build one of these babys?

A: This depends on the kit manufacturer, how much you can do yourself, and what components you use (eg you may choose to use a $2000 second had engine, or go for a $10K+ brand new engine), but most home-built Cobras are being taken to a finished stage for between 45-75K. This includes the base kit, and everything else required including paint. Obviously it can be done for less if you use cheap components, and also significantly more if you choose to use the best of everything, it's up to you!

Q: Wasn't the AC427 powered by a Ford? I have heard of people using LS1/2/7 Chev engines, surely this cannot be!

A: Yes, it can. This is the beauty of building a replica, you're not trying to build an exact copy, or else you would need to use a 427 side-oiler motor, which would never pass todays emissions standards. People have built their replica AC427's with Chev, Ford, Toyota, and even BMW V8 engines!

Q: What laws/emissions standards does my build need to meet?

A: This is mandated by the state road authorities, and it varies considerably from state to state. These vehicles are classed as ICV's (Individually Constructed Vehicles), you need to check with your state road authority for laws pertaining to the registration of ICV's within your state. In Victoria VicRoads have delegated the approval of an ICV to a registered engineer, more info here. In general you will need to comply with all current Australian Design Rules (ADR's), safety and emissions requirements but you need to discuss your build in detail with a VASS engineer before you purchase anything!

Q: Where can I find a list of manufacturers?

A: We have attempted to compile a list of Cobra specific manufacturers, it is located here. There may be others, but we feel this is a fairly comprehensive list.