Cobra Car Club of Victoria

Feature Car!
CCCV has over one hundred active members, here is some detail on a selection of our rides

Owner: Barry
Joined CCCV: 2006
Lives in: Eaglemont
Buy or Build: Buy
Year: 1996
First Registered: 1996
Kit: RMC
Motor: 393 Stroker Cleveland
Gearbox: 5 speed Tremec
Front Suspension: Jaguar
Rear Suspension: Jaguar
Wheels: 15 inch (UK sourced)
Paint: Dark metallic blue with white stripes
Interior: Two-tone beige
Favourite feature of the car: Everything about the car!

Why a Cobra?
My mate Rob Hamilton had a Cobra which I always admired and I decided I wanted one too!
The Cobra I bought came up for sale as the owner was moving interstate. Rob was helping him sell it… so I bought it.
Most of my early cars have been V8s and the Cobra was a logical choice.

What have you done to the car?
The car was in good condition but with scope for further improvement when I bought it.
I had the dashboard upgraded and modern indicator stalk and instruments installed with a new steering column and steering wheel.
The car then caught fire from a broken fuel hose near the carburettor and damaged some of the engine bay components.
Following the engine bay fire, I took the engine out to have it checked and improved but found the block couldn’t be bored out any further. So I acquired another 351 Cleveland block and the 393 stroker was born with new Trick Flow heads, Scorcher ignition and Crane cam.
I added cruise control and recently some Avon tyres which have improved handling significantly.
In 2017 I decided to renovate the car with a new paint job and new interior, trim, roof, side curtains and an “invisible” car bra.
At the same time a significant number of small items were improved such as door locks, heated seats and minor wiring fix ups.
I am extremely happy with the result of this renovation.

What do you like doing with your car and the Cobra Club
I enjoy all club outings including drives, breakfasts, shed runs and I have done two sessions on the track.