Cobra Car Club of Victoria

Feature Car!
CCCV has over one hundred active members, here is some detail on a selection of our rides

Owner: Guy
Joined CCCV: 2012
Lives in: Melbourne
Buy or Build: Build
Year: 2016
First Registered: 2016
Kit: Absolute Pace
Motor: 6.0L L77 GM
Gearbox: 6 speed manual Tremec TR6060
Exhaust: 2 ˝” stainless steel undercar
Front Suspension: Absolute Pace Custom Billet Aluminium
Rear Suspension: Absolute Pace Custom Billet Aluminium
Wheels: 15 inch Trigo halibrand replica fitted with Mickey Thompson S/T (295)
Chassis Aluminium, semi-monocoque
Paint: Dark Blue (or burple some call it!) Still in gelcoat.
Interior: Leather in black, Custom retro gauges, Single Chrome roll bar, Mercedes carpet, Electric heated seats (for those cold Melbourne mornings).
Favourite feature of the car: Engine bay finish and homemade airbox.

Why a Cobra?
I love the retro, classic look and style. Eveyone, even non-car people, look and admire a Shelby Cobra; there’s something about the shape I think that has universal appeal. Mostly I wanted to actually see if I could build a car. I’m not a mechanic, so it was a life challenge for me. I didn’t want to restore something, or use heaps of donor bits, so the choice of kits includes nearly everything I needed.

What have you done to the car?
Apart from building the car? A few little things are “non-standard”: LED lights for courtesy door lights and interior “mood” lighting; engine bay lighting; polished stainless air intake and aluminium OTR airbox; electric heated seats; Bluetooth stereo and handsfree (hah!); automatic head light sensor controls. The body is gelcoat finished still (no paint required!) – I might eventually paint it but I’m enjoying using it without fear of scratches for now.

What do you like doing with your car the most?
Driving it. Anywhere. Everywhere. I drive it to work sometimes (on nice days), breakfast meet-ups with the club, club socials, or take my wife and kids (one at a time!) for coffees in the hills. I’ve also had a few noob laps on racetracks with it too – it goes alright!