Cobra Car Club of Victoria

Feature Car!
CCCV has over one hundred active members, here is some detail on a selection of our rides

Owner: Andrew
Joined CCCV: 2010
Lives in: Melbourne
Buy or Build: Buy
Year: 1999
First Registered: 1999 in Tasmania
Kit: RMC
Motor: 302 Windsor- Holley carburetter- MSD electronic ignition
Gearbox: 4 speed top loader
Suspension: Modified Jaguar (front and rear)
Wheels: 15 inch Team 3 halibrand replica fitted with Avon tyres (225 and 295- CR6ZZ)
Paint: Blue with white stripes
Interior: Leather in black, Motolita Steering Wheel, Smith’s gauges, Single Chrome roll bar
Favourite feature of the car: Active Side Pipes

Why a Cobra?
I saw a Robnell in the mid 1990’s and became fascinated with the look and sound of Cobras. It is a car which everyone seems to admire and the start up moment never fails to excite.

What have you done to the car?
I have had a roof and tonneau cover made, resprung the leather seats, added chrome bezels to gauges, a new steering wheel, new wheels and tyres and electronic ignition, fixed the wiring, re built the radiator and added a larger electric fan.

I have polished everything that shines, over and over, and added lots of little stone chips, mostly to the areas you can’t see. Some are covered by stainless steel rear guard protectors, also added after I bought it.

What do you like doing with your car the most?
Driving my car at dawn on a cold clear sunny morning up to the top of Mt. Dandenong and watching the sun highlight the curves of the car and reflect off the chrome trim. Coffee and fruit toast at Sassafras… then do it all again on the way down the hill heading home.