Cobra Car Club of Victoria

Feature Car!
CCCV has over one hundred active members, here is some detail on a selection of our rides

Owner: JB
Joined CCCV: 2004
Lives in: Melbourne
Buy or Build: Buy
Year: 1998
First Registered: 1998
Kit: DAX Cars of the UK
Motor: 302 Boss with a 600 Edelbrock 4 barrel carburettor electronic ignition
Gearbox: 4 speed top loader
Front Suspension: Modified 420 G Jaguar
Rear Suspension: 420 G Jaguar
Wheels: Halibrand replicas 225x15 fronts and 295x15 rears
Paint: Porsche Guardsman Red
Interior: Black
Favourite feature of the car: No stripes, Active Side Pipes

Why a Cobra?
I have always liked classic 60ís sports cars. My older brothers both had MGBs when I was growing up. I have also always been a fan of the roar of a V8 engine, so the step to a Cobra was a fairly logical one. I love the noise the power and the look of the car. Itís always been a crowd favourite and this is very obvious when you drive around and people point and stare.

What have you done to the car?
About 5 years ago I repainted it and re-did the interior, sort of a full reno to the outside. I tried to make it as authentic looking as possible. When I got the car it had a real 80ís look, and now itís more in keeping with the original cars. At the same time I also fitted active side pipes to give it a little more authenticity.

What do you like doing with your car the most?
Meeting up with other car enthusiasts and our own club members and partners for a cruise, a meal and some good social time.