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Bellarine Run 2021
ADDED BY:Webmaster, Tuesday March 02 2021 at 11:25:19 AM
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On Sunday 28th February 2021 the weather was outstanding for a drive to the Bellarine Peninsula for coffee and lunch and what better open top car to use than an AC Cobra.

Sixteen Cobras, 1 BMW, 1 GT Falcon and a C4 Corvette started the morning at the Shell Westgate outbound. We managed our departure time at 0945 and trekked towards Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula for the last day of our 2021 summer season.

Our first stop was planned for Little Creatures Brewery for coffee and because we had time for a drive it was decided to stay away from MI/Princess Freeway/Geelong Road, a potential boring drive. Therefore our drive encompassed Little River, the You Yangs and Lara before entering Geelong via the Princess Highway. Nice quiet roads in good condition and without the traffic along the Geelong Road.

At Little Creatures Brewery two more club members in their Cobras joined our convoy making a total of eighteen Cobras. After a much appreciated cup of coffee and the general discussion regarding Cobras and all things associated, we headed off on a thirty minute drive through Drysdale via the Portarlington Road then onto Swan Bay Road to McGlashans winery.

Our host Russell McGlashan had organised a special parking area for the cars on a manicured lawn at the front of the winery. A slight challenge though was the long gravel driveway but we managed with a bit of driving on the grass! Plenty of antipasto platters and pizzas paired with McGlashans wine and microbrewery beer were enjoyed by all.

The location and surroundings were fantastic, open and airy and the proprietors told us they enjoyed having the CCCV in attendance. They suggested that we keep in touch so we might be returning to McGlashans in 2022.

ADDED BY:VicePresident, Sunday November 29 2020 at 1:52:56 PM
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The stunning spring weather in Melbourne was nowhere to be seen this morning as dark skies threatened then ultimately delivered more rain .

Nothing was going to stop this first COVID normalish event . The first in seven months for these brave souls .

A mix of cobras and daily drivers arrived at the picnic ground at Sugarloaf Reservoir in Christmas Hills . Nearly 40 members and partners assembled for a coffee and toastie served by Emmy bee event van , courtesy of the club.

It was great to catch up with club friends and talk about what we had been up to during our period of lockdown .

Thanks to Emmy bee for the delicious toasties and superb coffee .

Now we have a taste for the driving and the outdoors again , there will be more events coming !

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